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Jayne Dennis - beautiful, intelligent and blessed with the smile of on Alabama Homecoming Queen

Jayne Dennis was one of a new wave of successful models turned Hollywood actresses - until tragedy struck.

As a young model, Dennis was talent-spotted while holidaying in California and soon landed the role of Carrie Willows in the classic daytime soap Days of Our Lives. Serious roles followed, in particular her award-winning performance as hapless street junkie Trudie in the HBO mini-series 110th Street.

Hollywood beckoned and Dennis slipped seamlessly into her real-life role as a glamorous celebrity by landing her first major movie, starring alongside Keanu Reeves in the multi million-dollar sci-fi blockbuster The Grid, while continuing her budding relationship with superstar author and proclaimed 'voice of a generation', Bret Easton Ellis.

Brat-pack Boyfriend Bret Easton Ellis: 'Keanu is the father!'

Dennis's chequered and, frequently contentious, private life has often stood in contrast to her reputation as a wholesome, all-American girl next door. Her on-off relationship with Ellis began in December 1988, continuing intermittently until March 1993 when she gave birth to a son, Robert Dennis. After a long and drawn-out legal battle, during which Ellis accused Keanu Reeves of fathering the child, DNA evidence confirmed Ellis as Robert's natural father, leading to a painful and public break-up.

Better times were to follow, though, when in 1998, after giving birth to her second child, Sarah, to Los Angeles music executive Russ Walters, Jayne was reunited with Ellis, and they married the following year at a lavish wedding in New York City. Now living happily in the New York suburbs and commanding $4 million a picture, Dennis was playing out her childhood dream of raising a successful family.

However, her fractious relationship with Ellis reached breaking point over a twelve-day period around Halloween 2003, during which her happy family life was torn apart.

The Ellis Affair Ends - From American Psycho to American Psicko.

Recent questioning by the FBI in connection with the arrest and temporary incarceration of her now estranged husband continues to cast a dark shadow over her meteoric rise to the A-list. A leaked confidential FBI report now appearing on the official site for Ellis's new book, Lunar Park, which questioned the validity of Ellis's mental health and withheld 'autopsy reports' fed growing speculation that serious charges and subsequent prosecutions will follow what remains an ongoing investigation.

Dennis currently lives alone with her young family and dog in Jackson County, Alabama. Following the events of autumn 2003, the former golden girl of Hollywood is rarely seen outside of her 200-acre ranch, and continues to shun the limelight.

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